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Stag & Doe

Remember those two nerdy white guys back in middle school who knew all the lyrics to the latest rap songs before anyone else? They're back, and they're in a band.


Andrew Heinmiller and Andrew Moore were among that first generation of white kids who were drawn to hip hop as it rocketed into mainstream culture. Years later, as 2 Live Drew, they perform live remixes of hip hop classics, combining the vocals from rap's golden era with their own brand of electro-dance. Fun, nostalgic, simultaneously familiar and fresh, they have taken the art of the cover band to a whole new level.


Known for their energetic performance, hilarious door prizes, and heartfelt readings of hip-hop's sacred texts, 2 Live Drew puts on a show that will bring you back to the days when you rocked your LA Gear at the school dance. 


"2 Live Drew blatantly show off their musical skills with instruments and sheer live energy."

-Adam Mohammed, 


Get ready to party like it's 1989.